Our villages and other projects

Desa Pererenan


The Pererenan facility was handed over to the local BUMDES and is being managed by a team of 5 local people from the community. The facility is generating about 130 million IDR in monthly revenue and still requires more work to improve the collection effectiveness, schedule and sorting strategies. The community is slowly starting to separate, but requires follow up communications, incentives and support from the operators and managers. Overall the first MPH facility has proven to be a great R&D facility.

Desa Taro

The community of Taro has finalized all commitments and agreements and created a partnership together with MPH. Land has been provided by the community. The facility design and construction budget has been finalized and socialized and the MPH team has started to build the new facility together with a local village contractor. We are ensuring that local capacity is developed and that local people are capable of maintaining and technically improving the facility after we hand it over.

Desa Bedulu

Young environmental leaders from Desa Bedulu reached out to the MPH team requesting our help to improve their already existent designs. The community has some very good local architects that have made the first designs. The MPH team is revising and improving the drawings and designs to make the facility more effective and streamlined for materials and flow. The government of Gianyar has committed 450 million IDR and provide more funding in the years to come.

Desa Sebatu

The village of Sebatu has an already existing sorting and waste management system that needs to be improved and elevated to enable the community to manage more materials on a daily basis. The MPH program has been socialized and partnership agreements are currently being drafted. Our team would like to provide composting rings for every banjar and the village offices to start building more understanding that composting is very simple and not a hazard if done right.

Desa Baturiti

The community of Baturiti is being serviced by Made Kusuma, that has created an agreement with the community to help them manage and take care of their materials and waste. He is running a private enterprise and MPH has been collaborating with Made to improve his facility operation and to build a digital management interface to track daily finances and materials managed. This project is being supported by Dojo Coworking.

Desa Padang Tegal

The community of Padang Tegal received a large grant from the ministry of public works to expand their already successful composting and local community owned management system. They are a pioneer in Bali and MPH has learnt many lessons from this operation. This year we are working together with ITB University and the Ministry of Public Works to improve the drawings and designs of the facility. So that these design principles, can be applied in other villages around Indonesia.

Desa Sayan

MPH and the village leader of Desa Sayan have been actively trying to convince the community to build and develop a material management facility. Since early 2019, several socialization events have been held and preliminary technical designs have been completed. The community has not decided on a final location and not made available the land required to continue work in this community.

Desa Melinggih

MPH have been actively holding socialization events and preliminary technical designs have been completed. The community has not decided on a final location for a facility and not made available the land required to continue work in this community. We believe progress will continue after a change of leadership in the new year.

Batukaras Clear Community Partnership

This International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP), overseen by the Royal Academy of Engineering and ITB Bandung offers radical solutions to deliver new micro scale material management facilities and state of the art designs. MPH has provided templates and design principles to learn together with the experts and to continue to grow.