TARO Village

About Taro Village

At first, Taro has not had any pick up service for waste collection. Previously, in 2018 there was a waste bank but not running as well as it should. In early 2019, MPH built a waste management system by building a village-scale waste management site with a capacity of 2,200 households.

Together with the village government, MPH designed regulations to strengthen socialization movements in the community, conducted education on separating materials & waste into 3 types (Organic, Inorganic, Residue), socialized the benefits of waste management buildings, invited the community to be closer to waste problems, provided work SOPs, monitored, and regular evaluation. The village government is committed to budgeting operational cost subsidies and procurement of trucks from the Village Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBDes) funds. Until today, all the people from 14 customary villages have participated in the waste management service (TPS 3R) with separate waste transport schedules. Success in waste management supports the Tourism Village and makes Taro Village a model for the National Scale.

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