About Medahan Village

    The existing condition of waste management in handling customers in Medahan Village serves 800 households & 12 villas in a condition of mixed waste. Most customers come from Banjar Medahan, 2 other banjars namely Anggarkasih and Penulisan only 40 of the total number of customers, while Banjar Cucukan only the villa business unit, and 10% of households become customers. The village already has a 10-acre material & waste management facility with a building area of ​​20m x 15m. With this number of customers, they go to TPA 1 to 2 times a day. The MPH program entered Medahan Village in November 2022, starting with selecting 100 households for a pilot project located in Banjar Medahan, especially in the alley area. This service is expected to make it easier for the households to follow directions in separating waste by involving regional heads to conduct outreach, education, display of banners and educational posters on separating the waste into 3 types (organic, inorganic, residue) and transport schedules according to type in public areas.

    Workers at the TPS3R facility felt more effective in terms of time and effort when implementing the MPH program in Medahan Village. MPH, Village Government, and the facility management group agreed to target all residents in implementing waste separation from its sources. Those who are not joining the program can bring their inorganic materials to the Banjar to be weighed and managed by the management group so that only separate waste goes to the management facility.

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