Berdharma Identity

BERDHARMA event identity was made by Agata (Magna Creative) – a young Balinese artisan from Tabanan. It was inspired by the shape of Mother Earth which is currently polluted by human activity itself. The destruction of nature which is polluted by unmanaged waste, results in a heavy burden on our mother earth to balance the entire ecosystem. The 2 Hands symbolize a conscious human effort, ready to protect and preserve this earth. Meanwhile, in the midst of this raging problem, Green Shoots can grow, which symbolize hope and solutions that can restore balance to our nature.

Event Description

BERDHARMA is Merah Putih Hijau’s festival-like fundraiser event bringing the residents of Bali together for a chill, fun and relaxing evening while given the opportunity to support MPH initiatives.

The word “Dharma” in the Sanskrit means to hold or to support. In the Sanskrit, it is explained that in order to live your Dharma, one must be able to listen, and to inhale the true meaning in order to be able to meditate. We believe, in order to make real change in communities, we must be able to listen to those who are elder, local, and face the biggest threat in the environmental challenges. These are our neighbors, our villagers and the future generation.

Event Mission

BERDHARMA mission is to bring together like-minded environmentally-conscious people of the island to support MPH in building sustainable waste management solutions in Bali that result in a village-run, waste management facilities.

Event Details

  • Date & Time

    First week of October, 4-7 pm WITA

  • Venue


  • Guests

    80 pax

  • Ticket Price

    $50 USD

  • Activity

    Cocktail party, music performance, art upcycling exhibition, and local artist performance

  • Fundraising Objective

    Donation to support desa’s project and support desa’s eco-champion


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