Together, let’s solve the waste crisis and create sustainability of villages for Indonesia!

How Your Contribution Create An Impact?

General Donation
Multiplying MPH Villages
Improving Waste Management Process
School of Eco-champion
Regenerative Farming

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Multiplying MPH Villages

By increasing the number of MPH-assisted villages, we prevent more and more waste send into landfills. Here’s the impact you’re giving:

$ 4000

Supporting the assistance of five villages in one year

$ 60.000

One unit of waste management facility based on 3R (TPS3R)

Improving Waste Management Process

Adequate facilities can improve the waste management process become more effective. Here’s the impact you’re giving:

$ 3.000

Provide one blower for one MPH assisted village

$ 2.500

One unit of waste shredder machine for one 3R facility in MPH assisted village

$ 800

Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for one 3R facility for one year

School of

Eco-champions play an important role in maintaining the sustainability of the MPH waste management system in the village. Here’s the impact you’re giving:

$ 150

Support educational activities by one Eco-Champion for one year

$ 100

One-time training for Eco-Champions in one village

Regenerative Farming

Through regenerative farming, we can realize a circular economic system in the village. Here’s the impact you’re giving:

$ 4.000

Support mentoring of regenerative agriculture programs for one year

$ 750

Subsidized 10 tons of compost for farmers in MPH assisted villages