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#SeparationIsTheKey is the Principle We Implement to the Community

Merah Putih Hijau (MPH) is a source-based material management assistance program. Together with the villagers, we build, manage and develop the infrastructure of organic and inorganic material management in their neighborhood.


Collaborate with villages and communities of Gianyar Regency in managing waste and materials independently to reduce the amount of waste to landfill by 90%.


Assist and educate the community in implementing source-based and sustainable waste management.


Community Owned Facilities

We build community-owned material management systems so that communities can be directly confronted with real problems and find solutions.

Social Culture Approach

Using a local socio-cultural approach, people will be more adaptable to new habits that support the creation of a better system.

Promoting Waste Separation

Communities require to separate their waste for further processing. So that, in the future, only the residues dispose to the landfill.

Legal Entity

This program is under the Bumi Sasmaya Foundation (YBS). YBS is a Non-Profit Organization engaged in the environmental and social fields build in 2017 with Deed of Establishment No. 05 dated 23 October 2017. The establishment of Bumi Sasmaya Foundation was initiated by Sean Nino together with the Merah Putih Hijau (MPH) team as a forum to facilitate legal-formal management in running the MPH program.

Quarter 1 Year 2022

Quarter 2 Year 2022


MPH Program Progress Can Be Monitored Through Our Reports

MPH has assisted 17 villages over the past 7 years in establishing waste management systems. A lot of progress has been made since we got involved.

Support us as we continue our efforts to preserve the environment.

Sustainability from the village for Indonesia.