The problem

  • There is very little organized waste management or recycling in Bali
  • Much waste ends up in water courses and the ocean, ruining the environment
  • Waste is unsorted, with 70% of the overflowing landfills consisting of organics
  • The government is not prioritizing the problem and is complex and slow-moving
  • With growing population and plastic use, the problem will only get worse

The MPH solution

  • Low cost, low tech, low risk local community owned waste management
  • A household separation strategy and local collection system
  • Sale of recyclables for the benefit of the village community
  • Village scale composting to produce great compost for the rice fields
  • Education and community groups to maintain momentum

Separation Strategies

With the right tools and principles households can separate waste, making it easy to compost, recycle and sell, and thus to extract the maximum value.

Practical solutions, learning by doing

We can solve Bali’s waste management problems with local working groups. A joint community effort is the solution to a better future.

Building designs and guidelines for waste management

Infrastructure and Standard Operation Procedures are key for efficient waste management on a village level.