Current Challenges

To increase the transparency and efficiency in the MPH Merah Putih Hijau work force.




10 Photos of the reverse logistics supply chain
  1.  Separation is the key to successful waste management
  2.  Kitchens all need to have green collection bins to collect organics
  3.  Banjars need to have a collection schedule that is socialized
  4. Visible and easy access collection spots with clear colors and sign
  5. Separate colored vehicles collect either dry or wet materials/waste
  6. Drivers and pick up only collect one type of material/waste at a time
  7. Every trucks contents are weighed at the weighing station and reported to the APP
  8. Organics are composted using forced aeration
  9. Dry waste is sorted and separated and weighed and reported to the APP
  10. Finished Compost and Recyclables like plastic, paper, metal are sold and reported


Cleaning composting area


All waste which is currently blocking the composting area, needs to be moved in order to create space to install the HDPE pipes.


Facility Manager


Job description for a facility manager to organize and maintain the MPH facility.


Installing weighing area


  1.  Hanging ropes on the main structure
  2.  Connecting to pulley wheel
  3.  Ropes connecting to the scale
  4.  Scale connecting to weighing basket


Installing HDPE Pipes


Requires finishing of Task: Cleaning composting area.

Installing blower
  1.  Connect to PVC pipes
  2.  Adjust blower to the required specifications
Worker Training for MPH- System

Train the workers on the circular system within the MPH composting area.

Building seiving area
  1.  Finishing installing HDPE pipes
  2.  Setting up Seiver
Installing pitot tube and manometer

Pitot tube and manometer needs to be installed in the intensive feeder PVC section, as well as in the moderate section.

Building lane 7 - 9 in the composting area
  1. Building triangular composting piles using bamboo
  2. Installing in the composting area
  3. Training on how to maintain it
Building storage area
Building residue area

All residue which goes to the landfills needs to be collected.

Either in a container or bamboo structure. Structure will be static to get used to the defined areas.

App training

Training the staff on how to use the application for correct data collection.

Requires: finishing weighing area

Pick- up structure

Structurize and coordinate the trucks

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