Merah Putih Hijau

A group of passionate people that helps kick start and support Bali villages to build, maintain & benefit from their own waste management systems.

About Us

MPH was formed in 2016, when a group of motivated people got together with the aim of improving Bali’s growing plastic and waste issues. The group is collaborating with Desa Pererenan, the local subak, residents, a local sustainability company and local coworking spaces.

The group is supported by the well-known Yayasan GUS.


MPH Goals

  1. Sort, process, compost and recycle 90% of waste/materials within the village.
  2. Create a template, a working model that can be replicated in villages across Bali and beyond.
  3. Educate ourselves and the next generation with practical learning by doing.
Merah Putih Hijau Bali, Building Waste Management Infrastructure For Bali

Meet the Team


I Gusti Ngurah Adi Suta

I Gusti Ngurah Adi Suta

Head of Subak and MPH Supporter

Pak Ngurah has realized the Subak is decreasing and that soil is loosing quality. He hopes the MPH project can make good compost fór the rice fields and support his farming community.

I Putu Eka Winangun

I Putu Eka Winangun

Environmental Leader in Desa Pererenan and Village Director of MPH

Pak Putu Eka runs several eco projects and is leading the MPH project to help direct the program in Desa Pererenan. He wants to prove that waste separation is the key to efficient waste management in Indonesia.

I Putu Arya Mudita

I Putu Arya Mudita

Bendahara Pererenan and local MPH treasurer

Pak Arya Mudita takes care of financial matters in Desa Pererenan. He has realized that waste management must be taken care of, on a village level and that it creates high value for the community to recycle.


Ni Putu Dewi Windayanti

Ni Putu Dewi Windayanti

MPH project assistant

A young Balinese entrepreneur, proud of Bali heritage. Ever optimistic, in love with nature and believes in MPH as a solution to villages waste management issues.

Ani Yulinda

Ani Yulinda

MPH project advisor, Yayasan GUS

Ani has been working in waste management projects for 7 years. She has been in support of Temesi Recycling Gianyar, Project Clean Uluwatu and several small waste banks in Denpasar.



Community Supporters

Adrian Keet, Peter Day, Sean Nino Lotze, Nick Readfern, Wayan Lam, Sara Soulier, Samuel Green, Emeline Blanc, Alex Hamlin, Jamie Fullbrook, Michael Craig, Martin Henley, Jake Richards, Dion Visser & many more

A Community Effort

Neither the state nor the market have been uniformly successful in solving common pool resource problems. Research and many local examples are starting to show and prove, that voluntary organizations and community driven efforts are much better at driving solutions. Waste/ material management is a common pool resource and it involves every one of us.

We strongly believe that waste/material management in Bali needs a strong community driven effort to get solved. We want to invite you to come and join us to help solve this challenge together.

Your Help is Needed


Donate and support us to prove a successful waste & material management model For Bali.



How is MPH Solving these complex issues:

The village scale in Desa Pererenan, is first of its kind and we are developing a framework to roll out to other villages in Bali, how are we doing this:

Separation Strategies
With the right tools and principles households can separate waste, making it easy to compost, recycle and sell, and thus extract the maximum value.

Practical solutions, learning by doing
We can solve Bali’s waste management problems with local working groups. A joint community effort is the solution to a better future.

Building designs and guidelines for waste management
Local infrastructure and efficient procedures are key for efficient waste management on a village level.

Bali is being destoyed by trash and waste every day.

How devastated are you to see Bali´s beautiful white sand beaches and lush tropical landscape being polluted and destroyed by trash and waste every day?

Support Bali and join MPH & the local community to build infrastructure. A simple color coded waste separation strategy (Merah, Putih, Hijau) and community driven infrastructure will go a long way if we all join forces. We can continue to build recycling and composting facilities in every Desa in Bali. The tourist industry can join the model and villages can have the right to own all materials in their area.

Join and support the success of working together For Waste Management.

The problem

  • There is very little organized waste management or recycling in Bali
  • Much waste ends up in water courses and the ocean, ruining the environment
  • Waste is unsorted, with 60% of the overflowing landfills consisting of organics
  • The government is not prioritizing the problem and is complex and slow-moving
  • With growing population and plastic use, the problem will only get worse

The MPH solution

  • Low cost, low tech, low risk local community owned waste management
  • A household separation strategy and local collection system
  • Sale of recyclables for the benefit of the village community
  • Village scale composting to produce great compost for the rice fields
  • Education and community groups to maintain momentum